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I have been painting and drawing since I was a child and love creating beautiful things that reflect my love of nature.  I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that enjoyed many adventures together.   We loved canoeing, camping, backpacking and long road trips.  I learned to observe in detail the amazing nature that surrounded me.

My sisters and I spent many long afternoons and summers on our own adventures exploring the woods, neighborhood, town, and city that surrounded our home.  We built forts of stone and stick and adventured into the woods with elaborate stories.  We dug up treasures from old bottle dumps along the New England stone walls and dreamed of the people that once found these treasures commonplace items.   Belt buckles, sterling silver chain purses, and beautiful pottery and bottles were unearthed and polished clean.  Often explored on foot as long as we could before the sun set and dinnertime.  Our walks through the forest properties nearby were my favorite.  The run across the open field with grass and wildflowers as tall as ourselves.  We ran single file as fast as we could to the forest clearing on the other side.  We had to close our mouths tightly because the bugs were so thick flying through the air.  And in the clearing we would check each other for any bees in our hair.  We had rhododendron forest hideouts and long curly vines that scaled the trees to ride on and climb. We discovered an abandoned stone walled pond in the middle of the forest with a small “house” (more like a shed but wood construction and asphalt roof and solidly built 8×8) turned upside down with the V of its roof in the outlet channel of the pond.  That lead to many long conversations and theories on its odd position.  It was more like something out of the Wizard of Oz so we called it the witch’s house.    Many pilgrimages were made to the pond to catch frogs and stare at the little house turned upside down.

I went off to college with the idea of being an astronaut.  I can’t think now why but perhaps it was those conversations I had as a kid with my dad about the universe and our world.  I soon put my feet more solidly on the ground with a choice of major in Biomedical Engineering.   I did very well at this.  I would have loved to have pursued art classes as well but as an engineering student I wasn’t allowed to without a portfolio and acceptance from the college of art.  The engineering classes were plenty though and had me more than busy.

After completing my Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering I got a job in my field, married, and moved into a 250+ year old house in Townsend MA.  The long and continuing relationship with this old home has changed me in so many ways.  I learned skills that I never would have had to acquire living in a newer home.  Its been an interesting process that has both increased my love of nature and my interest in history and the history of my town.  From raising chickens, bee keeping, maple sugaring to gardening along with woodworking, stone carving and even a few blacksmith classes, living in this home has been a constant source of inspiration and passion. Oh yes and many sleepless nights!

I have three beautiful daughters that inspire me with their music and dancing and joy.  My husband who was an equal enthusiast in parenting and caring for this house passed away a few years ago now.  He loved painting and drawing as well.  Many of our trips up to Maine were spent with him painting in watercolor or with pastels the beautiful scenery we enjoyed.   We would explore the rocky coastline and pick up “treasures” and try to keep our feet dry while he worked on his painting.

After 10 years of working as an engineer, I opted to stay home and raise my children.  Much of my creativity during that time of my life centered around making toys and clothes for them as well as beautiful things for my home.

Once the girls were in school I had more time to myself and began painting more and eventually opened my Etsy shop, Rainsend.   The Etsy shop took on a life of its own and I was swooped up into the wedding frenzy which I thoroughly enjoyed.  So many beautiful and creative things to make.  I sent my creations all over the world and played a small part in the marriages of so many special couples.

In the years since I started my creative venture I suffered the loss of two special people in my life.  My husband and best friend died of cancer in 2011.  He put up a good fight and we did the best we could in a difficult situation.  I can’t say it was an easy way forward from that point.  But eventually I was determined to continue with the only thing I knew besides being a parent — and that was my love of art.  My husband shared this joy and I wanted very much to continue this in his memory.

I met a kindred spirit along my travels and he quickly became a good friend and partner.  Our time together was tragically cut short by an automobile accident that killed him.  Its been unbelievably heartbreaking.  But he was so encouraging of my art and so enthused to be a part of my life that I felt that the only thing I could do was to use my time to paint some of the places we had visited and loved.  To somehow capture the memories and relive those moments.  I hope in that small way I can shine the light that he embodied into the world.

And so I continue to explore my growing love of painting.  It is a constant joy in my life.   With painting I see the world in a new way and can take the time to really appreciate its beauty!  Painting gives me the opportunity to allow the time to really enjoy a place  and the amazing result is that I by painting I can capture that moment in time.

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